Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling

مركز المرأة للإرشاد القانوني والاجتماعي


To see empowered women living in a just and equal Palestinian society where they enjoy all of their human rights

Organization Type

Nongovernmental Organization (NGO)

Areas of Work

Human Rights,

Location of Work

Inside the wall and inside the Israeli municipal boundaries of Jerusalem,


The Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC) works to protect women’s human rights according to international human rights standards. It monitors, documents, and advocates locally and internationally; provides social and legal services to women victims of violence and human rights violations; and launches programs that ensure gender equality. It also addresses the effects of militarization associated with the Israeli occupation.

Abu Alamin Shehadeh Building, Hafez Ibrahim Street, Shu‘fat, Jerusalem 91516 P.O. Box 54262
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Randa Siniora, Director

Tel: +972.2.628.1497 Tel: +972.2.628.2449