Wye River Memorandum

Signed in October 1998 between Israelis and Palestinians, establishing a new schedule for Israel’s redeployment from the rest of Area C. The Oslo II Agreement had established that Israel was to redeploy its military from Area C of the West Bank in three phases, but only one phase was completed. At Wye River in Maryland, the parties agreed to divide the second phase of Oslo II into three stages totaling 13 percent of Area C. Two percent of this land would become nature preserves in Area B, effectively preventing its use by Palestinians. Palestinians were to double down on their security coordination and stop “incitement.” In any case, Israel only completed 2 percent of this staged withdrawal.

In early 1999, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu froze the accord’s implementation, causing his opposition to withdraw from the government and bringing about new elections in May of that year.

The five-year interim period established by the Oslo Accords expired in May, 1999.