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The East Jerusalem YMCA: Serving the Palestinian Community since 1948

Since 1948, the East Jerusalem YMCA has offered activities aimed at youth to help them cope with the chronic stress of living under occupation.

Spiritual and Religious Life Jerusalem Suffers in Silence on Eid al-Adha

Palestinian Jerusalemites find it impossible to celebrate this Eid al-Adha.

Spiritual and Religious Life Feeding the Needy on Eid al-Adha in Today’s Jerusalem: A High-Risk Endeavor

For Palestinian Jerusalemites, even fulfilling religious obligations is fraught with risk under Israeli occupation.

Jerusalem Pulse: Recent Research Roundup

Your portal into recent research and publications related to Palestinians of Jerusalem

“We Do Not Describe Jerusalem—We Interpret It”: Raed Saadeh and His Model of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a mosaic of faiths, cultures, and communities, so much larger than the labels given to it.

Burj al-Luqluq Social Center Society: A Hidden Gem within the Old City

Within the Old City walls, Burj al-Luqluq provides an open space for sports, culture —and resistance.

Palestinian Advocate Zakaria Odeh: “Injustice, Colonization, and Occupation Can’t Last Forever”

Zakaria Odeh has spent most of his professional life advocating for Palestinian rights in East Jerusalem and beyond.

Perspective: “The Worst Day of Every Year”

When your city wants you dead