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Land Israel to Push Ahead with Home Demolitions in Jerusalem during Ramadan

Tensions reach the boiling point in Jerusalem as Ben-Gvir announces home demolitions to continue during Ramadan.

Forcible Home Expulsions In Batn al-Hawa, a Neighborhood Targeted for Forcible Expulsions, the Eyes Bear Witness

An art installation project in the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood of Silwan sends a message to the world.

The West Side Story An Israeli Prime Minister Now Lives in the Villa Salameh in West Jerusalem

Yair Lapid, Israel’s 14th prime minister, controversially moved into Villa Salameh in Talbiyya, the former home of exiled Arab Jerusalemite businessman Hanna Salameh.

Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? Creator of Long-Beloved Children’s Puppet among Hundreds Facing Expulsion in Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood

Music educator and puppeteer Yacoub Abu Arafeh uses creative education to serve society and confront challenges, including those facing his own neighborhood, targeted for forcible expulsions. 

Through a Child’s Eyes

The bulldozer arrived without warning and proceeded to demolish the home. A Photo Story

Sophia’s World Comes Crashing Down

Sophia Abdo, 10, copes as best she can in the aftermath of the demolition of her family home, as ordered by the municipality.