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Layali al-Tarab fi Quds al-‘Arab Festival Closes Its 2023 Season

Palestinian Jerusalemites usher in the fall season with a splendid Arabic music festival.

Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? In the Heart of the Old City, the African Community Society Unites Jerusalem’s Afro-Palestinians

The society brings together Jerusalemites of Chadian, Senegalese, Nigerian, and Sudanese descent to build communities and provide opportunities.

The Third Annual Jerusalem Arab Film Festival Held in Summer 2023

An annual festival of Arab cinema in Jerusalem presents an expanded program for its third edition, bringing the Arab world to the city. 

Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? A Visit to Bassem’s Gallery & Café: Celebrating and Preserving Palestinian Culture

Bassem’s Gallery & Café is filled with Palestinian artifacts curated by Issam Bayan and his uncle, Bassem Hallak, both of the Palestinian African community.

Juggling with Life in Jerusalem

Street circus artist Ahmad Ju‘beh opens up about how he came to find his calling and what it means to him.

Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? Newly Renovated, the Armenian Museum in Jerusalem’s Old City Reopens

A newly renovated museum in Jerusalem’s Old City explores 3,000 years of Armenian art, culture, and history.

Fire Performer Naromar Introduces New Art Form to Jerusalem

Omar Sharabaty introduces Jerusalem to flow art and fire performance.