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Luma Tarazi: “People Are More Aware Now That Investing in Mental Health Care Increases Resilience”

Post-traumatic stress disorder is hard to diagnose among Palestinians, because the trauma is chronic.

The Arab Counseling Center for Education: Supporting Jerusalem’s Palestinian Community through Challenging Times

A local organization meets a critical need by healing the hearts and souls of a traumatized community.

Closure and Access to Jerusalem Palestinian Women Share Little-Noted Hazards of Prolonged Closures: “The Checkpoints Strained My Bladder”

The right to medical treatment and even to relieve oneself are compromised by Israeli checkpoints, especially when extended closures are enforced.

Mohanad Darwish: “I’ve Never Been Surrounded by This Many Rifles in My Entire Life”

What is it like to come of age in Jerusalem as a Palestinian male?

Tending the Seam: Psychiatrist Dr. Samah Jabr Holds Together Hope

Jerusalem psychiatrist Samah Jabr, chair of the Palestinian Authority’s Mental Health Unit, sees tending to mental health as one path to liberation.