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Israel to Renovate the Rockefeller Museum—Will Its Palestinian History Finally Be Acknowledged?

Israel mulls options for the Rockefeller Museum, housed in a historic Palestinian building. But the museum makes no public acknowledgment of the building’s Palestinian history.

The Arab Counseling Center for Education: Supporting Jerusalem’s Palestinian Community through Challenging Times

A local organization meets a critical need by healing hearts and souls of a traumatized community.

Jerusalem Pulse: Recent Research Roundup

Your portal into recent research and publications related to Palestinians of Jerusalem

What Is Jerusalem? Longing for Pre-War Jerusalem

Will Jerusalem ever be the same as it was?

Life, Interrupted: One Palestinian Family’s Struggles in Wartime Jerusalem

How challenges are accumulating to a boiling point, leading a Jerusalemite family to question its future


Spiritual and Religious Life Christian Palestinian Jerusalemites, Agonized, Watch as Horrors Befall Family Members in Gaza

Every Palestinian Jerusalemite knows of someone who was killed, wounded, or displaced during Israel’s ongoing genocidal assault on Gaza.

Closure and Access to Jerusalem For Palestinian Jerusalemites Living beyond the Wall, Driving Anywhere Is an Obstacle Course These Days

For Palestinian Jerusalemites who live outside the Separation Wall and want to go to downtown Jerusalem or Bethlehem, a labyrinthine maze awaits.