Khazaaen archives offer a rich collection of material that can form the basis of an Arab database to develop libraries and scientific research in different locations in the Arab world.

Organization Type

Nongovernmental Organization (NGO)

Areas of Work

Culture, Arts, and Music,

Location of Work

Inside the wall and inside the Israeli municipal boundaries of Jerusalem,


Khazaaen (the word used in Islamic history to refer to libraries) was launched in October 2016 by Arab youth from different parts of the world to establish a societal archive that documents the daily life of the Arab world combined with people’s stories through ephemera material—newspapers, magazines, films, photographs, cinema, and broadcasts as well as posters, commercial and cultural ads, business cards, and wedding invitations.

Khazaaen is centered in Jerusalem, offering an opportunity to study the collective social experience and to start a social and cultural discussion around critical political and societal issues in the hope of creating a better tomorrow.

Sample projects include:

Palestinian Publications Archive

British Mandate Archive

Tobler Street 14, Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem
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Fadi Asleh, Co-founder

Phone: +972.2.636.8807‏