Roundtable One Month On—Palestinian Jerusalemites Reflect on the War’s Impact on Their Community

Under the radar, Palestinian Jerusalemites are also feeling the brunt of Israel’s fury in the wake of October 7. A community at risk takes stock.

Blog Post The East Jerusalem Tourism Industry, a Casualty of Israel’s War on Gaza

Israel’s war on Gaza whips East Jerusalem’s tourism industry just as it recovers from the pandemic.

Bio ‘Abd al-Hamid Shuman

A committed Arab nationalist who founded the Arab Bank in Jerusalem in 1930 and led much of Palestine’s banking activity

Blog Post Shops on Salah-al Din Street, a Main Commercial Hub of Palestinian East Jerusalem, Are Reeling from Loss of Business since October 7

As business dwindles and the municipality levies gratuitous fines for “violations,” shop owners on Salah al-Din Street pay a price for the war on Gaza.

Video Yearning for Ramadan

A jeweler in the Old City shares his wistful dreams for the holy month of Ramadan as it approaches. What’s he wishing for?

Interview Salah al-Din Street, the “Beating Heart” of East Jerusalem, Is Targeted for Erasure by Israel’s City Center Plan

A conversation with Adalah’s legal director, Suhad Bishara, about Israel’s plan to relegate the Salah al-Din Street commercial district to irrelevance

Interview Visiting Palestinians in the West Bank? The Rules Remain Unclear, and You Could Be Denied Entry

Months after Israel changed visa procedures for foreigners entering the West Bank to visit Palestinians, the process remains murky.

Video Checkpoint 300: The Torturous Commute of the Palestinian Worker Entering Israel from the West Bank

The agony and dehumanizing experience of the “morning commute” for Palestinians who hold Palestinian Authority (PA) ID cards and must enter Israel to feed their families.

Feature Story Israel Imposes Draconian Visa Requirements for Foreigners Wishing to Live with or Visit Palestinians in the West Bank

Restrictive visa requirements for any foreigner visiting Palestinians who hold PA IDs and live in the West Bank take effect.