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Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? In Sufism, Food Is a Divine Gift—Izzeldin Bukhari Offers It to Celebrate the Heritage of His People and His City

Izzeldin Bukhari founded Sacred Cuisine to celebrate Palestinian culinary heritage and his city, Jerusalem, and to express the essence of his Sufi religion, which views feeding others as a form of love. 

Ma‘moul and Ka‘ek: The Anticipated Rewards after Fasting during Holidays

A holiday tradition for Christian and Muslim Jerusalemites alike, these delicacies date back centuries and reward those who abstained from food to grow spiritually.

“Abwab al-Khareef”: Culture, Art, and Community Bazaar Opens the Fall Season by the Gates of the Old City of Jerusalem

Schools, art centers, galleries, and cafés between Jaffa Gate and New Gate open their doors for Palestinian arts and cultural activities to usher in the fall season.

Ka‘ek al-Quds: What’s the Secret?

Ka‘ek al-Quds is not just a special bread—it is part and parcel of the personality of the Old City of Jerusalem.