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“Stand Up Jerusalem”: 26th Annual Jerusalem Music Festival Showcases Palestinian Talent from Near and Far

Under the theme “Stand Up Jerusalem,” the Jerusalem Music Festival returned for a 26th year featuring six days of music, drama, comedy, and dance.

The Jerusalem Arab Film Festival (JAFF) Returns and Spotlights Jerusalem

Despite tumultuous events in East Jerusalem, the second annual Jerusalem Arab Film Festival successfully brought a wealth of films from the Arab world to the community.

“Abwab al-Khareef”: Culture, Art, and Community Bazaar Opens the Fall Season by the Gates of the Old City of Jerusalem

Schools, art centers, galleries, and cafés between Jaffa Gate and New Gate open their doors for Palestinian arts and cultural activities to usher in the fall season.

25th Jerusalem Festival Brings Joy and New Talent to the Community

Palestinian musicians brought their inventive jazz, classical Arabic music, and hip-hop blends to the 25th annual Jerusalem Festival in August 2021.

The First-Ever Jerusalem Arab Film Festival (JAFF) Connects East Jerusalem with the Arab World

The Jerusalem Arab Film Festival (JAFF) opens the Screens of Hope and Imagination with exquisite films from the Arab region.