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Mohanad Darwish: “I’ve Never Been Surrounded by This Many Rifles in My Entire Life”

What is it like to come of age in Jerusalem as a Palestinian male?

In East Jerusalem These Days, Moving around While Palestinian Is Perilous

While Israel bombs Gaza, Palestinian Jerusalemites find that travel within the city is unpredictable and risky, and their social media can be used to detain them.

Muslims in Jerusalem Celebrate the Prophet’s Birthday

Muslims in Jerusalem turned out for a rare festive day.

Precarious Status Yesterday, I Was a “Security Threat”—Today, I Am Welcome in Jerusalem

Israel tried treating Palestinian Americans like other US tourists, and I was finally able to visit my capital city.

Precarious Status Four Days in Jerusalem

Journalist Daoud Kuttab returns for a brief visit to Jerusalem, the city where he was born and raised, and shares his reflections on his experiences.

Who Are the Palestinians of Jerusalem? A Visit to Bassem’s Gallery & Café: Celebrating and Preserving Palestinian Culture

Bassem’s Gallery & Café is filled with Palestinian artifacts curated by Issam Bayan and his uncle, Bassem Hallak, both of the Palestinian African community.

Holy Fire Ceremony Marred by Police Restrictions, Brutality

For the third year in a row, Israeli authorities enforced strict restrictions on participation in the Holy Saturday celebrations, the holiest day of the year for Orthodox Christians.

Tree Lighting Illuminates the Old City and Brings Smiles to Faces

Christians throng the streets for a tree-lighting ceremony in the area of the New Gate in the Old City.